Savannah Abrishamchian

also known as Sav, Savab, Savage, and Nana

Savannah Abrishamchian is an Iranian-American writer/photographer based in LA specializing in poetry, flash fiction, and screenwriting. She received her B.A. in English from University of San Diego, spending most of her time writing and participating in poetry slams. Surrounded by a musical family, she spent most of her childhood dancing and singing aside from her usual arts & crafts. As college graduation approached, Savannah locked down her first "adult" job at Spotify and grew through three unique and autonomous roles within a year and a half, eventually landing as the Jr. Writer under Supervising Creative Producer Julio Pabon (VICE, WEEDIQUETTE, AFFLICTED) for the ¡Viva Latino! video playlist. With Julio as her mentor, Savannah was quickly exposed to the world of docu-style production.

During her time at Spotify, Savannah realized she wanted to go deeper as a storyteller. From November 2018 to January 2020, Savannah worked at Creative Artists Agency, growing at race car speed from the mailroom program to a TV Scripted desk for Senior Agent Tony Etz. Within just five months on the desk, Etz read her writing and politely advised her to "get out of here and go write." Savannah then became the right hand to Jenni Konner (GIRLS) of I Am Jenni Konner Productions where she was then fully immersed in Development and Pre-Production for 10+ months.

Savannah has since then been investing and spearheading her own screenwriting projects with aspirations to produce and direct, moonlighting as her own creative entity aside from her day-to-day profession in Development & Production at Jordan Peele's Monkeypaw Productions. Savannah's pieces Alalia and Lolll same. can be seen in San Francisco's The Racket. She adapted her poem Alalia into a short film, which she also directed during the pandemic in 2021. The piece won awards in Outstanding Achievement First Time Director Female and Outstanding Achievement Best Women Short for the Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles International Film Festival's 4th qualifying season for 2022.

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